DEFT Institute Faculty

Susan Warren Warshow, LCSW, LMFT(Developer of Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy, Trainer, Supervisor)

21241 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 251, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Phone: (818) 703-1145  


Susan Warren Warshow, LCSW, LMFT is the founder of the Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy Institute (DEFT), which began its three-tier training program in January, 2012. She is a member of the faculty of the ISTDP Institute, and a Certified IEDTA Teacher/Supervisor. Ms. Warshow has presented at the National Association of Social Workers annual conference, at several IEDTA biennial international conferences and has been a featured speaker for local chapters of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. She has been a guest lecturer at California State University Northridge, California Graduate Institute, Los Angeles County Psychological Association and California School of Professional Psychology. Susan has a private practice in Woodland Hills, CA, treating individuals and couples and specializes in anxiety, depression, relationship issues and personality disorders.

Donn Warshow, Ph.D.  

(Psychologist, Trainer, Supervisor)

21241 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 251, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Phone: (818) 703-5953  

Fax: (818) 704-1986


Dr. Warshow has been pivotal to the development of the DEFT Institute and its training programs and contributes to teaching segments. In his private practice, he treats adults, adolescents, children and families in Woodland Hills, CA. He is an ADHD expert and his presentations to many groups of teachers, parents, pediatricians and internists have focused on current trends in ADHD treatment. He specializes in DEFT, ISTDP, SE and EMDR. At an attachment conference at UCLA, his video presentation showed work with a man who suffers with recurrent major depressive episodes.  Dr. Warshow is a current member of LACPA, APA, IEDTA and the CA Society for ISTDP.

Bridget Quebodeaux, LMFT

10780 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 470

Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 403-3540

Bridget is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Feldenkrais practitioner and the DEFT Institute Training Program Coordinator. She has a private practice in West Los Angeles and has been working with people who suffer from chronic illnesses and unexplained pain as well as presenting to groups on topics related to movement, mindfulness and mental health since 1998.

Jon Rizk, LCSW

61 Virginia Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 644-1095

Jon Rizk is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in CA. He has a private practice in Pasadena and specializes in treating addiction, anxiety, depression and trauma. He also works as a therapist at Trauma and Beyond, an Intensive Outpatient program in Van Nuys. Jon is also a fully trained EMDR practitioner and brings over two decades of personal recovery experience to his work. He has been an active contributor to the DEFT Institute training group in Los Angeles since its inception and offers presentations on the fundamentals of the model throughout Los Angeles County. He is deeply passionate about sharing DEFT with other professionals because it is a collaborative, flexible, compassion oriented and strengths-based approach. In his remaining time Jon enjoys performing as professional musician.

Jon Frederickson, MSW

3000 Conn. Ave. N.W. #400

Washington, D.C.   20008


Founder, ISTDP Institute

Jon Frederickson, MSW, is the Founder of the ISTDP Training Institute and the co-chair of the ISTDP training program at the Washington School of Psychiatry; chair of the ISTDP Core Training for the Norwegian Society for ISTDP; and on the faculty of the Laboratorium Psykoeducaji in Warsaw and the Italian EDT Society. He is the author of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Learning to Listen from Multiple Perspectives and Co-Creating Change.

The following clinicians have completed one or more levels of the DEFT Institute Training Program. This list represents only those participants who have applied to be included on the website.

Ella Begelfor, LMFT

21241 Ventura Blvd #262

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(818) 207-1191


Ella helps her clients understand their thoughts and emotions, enabling them to recognize their behavioral patterns; once these patterns are identified, clients are given the tools to be their own healers! Ella works with individuals, couples and families. Her Practice is in Woodland Hills.

Dr. Jan Bowman

19 Glen Eden Ave.

Oakland, CA 94611


Jessica Cerutti, LCSW

850 Colorado Blvd., Suite 104

Los Angeles, CA 90041


Jessica Cerutti is a licensed clinical social worker in CA. She has a private practice in Eagle Rock and works with individuals. Jessica specializes in mood disorders and trauma. Jessica incorporates DEFT interventions with clients to increase access to feeling in order to facilitate a more authentic expression of self. 

Dr. Rob Clayton, Psy.D.

Phone: 805-756-2511  


Fallynn Cox, Psy.D.

745 S. Marengo Avenue,

Pasadena, CA  91106

Phone: (626) 298-1047


Dr. Cox is committed to helping people address their symptoms and difficulties compassionately and effectively. She has specialized experience with both chemical and process addictions, couple's therapy, OCD (dermatillomania, trichotillomania), depression, anxiety, bi-polar illness, and relationship difficulties. Please contact Dr. Cox for an initial consultation.  She is also available for Skype consultations and therapy sessions.

Donna Fraser, LMFT

801 Portola Dr. #205

San Francisco, CA 94127

(415) 664-6500


Donna practices in San Francisco providing psychotherapy services to individuals and couples.

Nancy Gunzberg, LCSW

(805) 450-1652

Santa Barbara, CA


Nancy works with individuals and groups and practices psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, California.

Morgan Hart, LCSW

444 N. Larchmont Blvd.

Ste. 102

Los Angeles, CA 90004


Morgan is a licensed clinical social worker with a private practice in Larchmont Village. She works with individuals and couples, and specializes in anxiety and depression, and relationship and intimacy issues. In addition to practicing DEFT, Morgan is also a level 3 PACT trained couple therapist.

Lisa Hauck Loy, LMFT

1346 4th Street, Ste. 7

San Rafael, CA 94901


Phone: 415-459-3117

Lisa Hauck Loy specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression and relationship issues, helping individuals find self-compassion, authentic expression, and empowerment over self-destructive thoughts and behaviors. She assists couples in discovering the relief of non-defensiveness, in making effective repairs, and in enlivening their relationships.

David Kerrigan, Ph.D., LCSW

143 Figueroa Street

Ventura, CA 93001


David works with children, adolescents, adults, and their families, specializing in attachment and trauma. He integrates spirituality with psychotherapy to address the whole person. With nearly two decades as a licensed clinician, he has worked in a range of settings, from inpatient psychiatric hospitals and residential treatment centers to private practice. He served as Executive Director of the Center for Spirituality and Social Work at the National Catholic School of Social Service and has presented on attachment and other mental health issues at local, national, and international conferences.

Melissa Klaskin, Ph.D., LCSW

204 S. Beverly Dr. # 107

(310) 559-7315


Dr. Klaskin has been in private practice in Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles for more than twenty five years.  She specializes in the treatment of patients with anxiety and depression disorders, physical, psychosomatic and eating disorders, trauma, relationship and intimacy problems. She has a wide clinical background and specializes in ISTDP and DEFT.

Su Lim, LMFT

1328 Westwood Blvd #16

Los Angeles, CA 90024

310 717 0332

Su has a private practice in Westwood, and works with individuals and couples both in person and on Skype. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, depression and relationship issues, and brings to her work the empathy and experience of her own diverse past, having resided and worked in Europe and Asia as well as the US. Su has an eclectic approach that borrows from both long and short term techniques, with a significant part of her work incorporating DEFT/ISTDP interventions.

Eve Martin, LMFT

Phone: 818.903.3934


Eve's clinical philosophy is one of pragmatism sprinkled with humor, based on treating each client as an individual with specific needs and empowering clients through education as well as introspection. She works with each client to better understand and resolve challenges in their lives, whether they require short-term intervention or longer-term treatment. By utilizing complementary therapy approaches and techniques along with a positive alliance with each client and colleagues, she works to transform and rework significant emotional experiences and family issues that may be holding clients back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She specializes in treatment of substance abuse and utilizing EMDR to treat trauma. Eve has a private practice in Encino.  

Carolyn Okazaki, LCSW

1416 Westwood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90024

(310) 650-0520

Carolyn specializes in self-esteem, identity, intimacy issues, anxiety and severe depression in a compassionate and confidential setting.

Alma Morales Risse, LCSW

13033 Penn St., Suite 800

Whittier, CA 90602

Tel: (562) 479-0144


Alma has a private practice in Whittier providing psychotherapy for individuals, families and children in both Spanish and English.

Idit Roth, LMFT

30497 Canwood St.

Agoura Hills, CA 91301


Vincent Staraci, LMFT

2333 Ashland Ave.,

Santa Monica, CA 90405


Miven Trageser, LMFT

864 S. Robertson blvd, Ste. 304

Los Angeles, CA 90035


Miven works with adults using DEFT to address relationship issues that lead to depression, anxiety, and loss of meaning in life. She integrates spiritual issues and faith-based approaches. She works with couples and parents and specializes in play therapy for children coping with trauma, stress and divorce.  

Jennifer Vanderburg, Psy.D.

4132 Katella Ave. Suite 202

Los Alamitos, CA 90720

Phone: 562.489.7981  

Fax: 562.683.3035

Eveline Wu MFT

444 34th ST Oakland, CA 94609

2950 Camino Diablo, Suite 320, Walnut Creek, CA 95497

(510) 780-6960


Eveline works with people with anxiety and mind body issues like chronic pain or headaches. She also works with multiracial couples, and Asian Americans and children of immigrants on working on self empowerment, intergenerational family conflict, and scapegoating.

"The relationship was the most healing part. It's not about the technique—it's about responding honestly as a person, the connection, the relationship…that I revealed myself, that you genuinely care. You like me. You're there for me… that you knew me as a person. I sensed there  was a  real relationship, a connection. That's the most helpful thing."

Client of Donn Warshow, Ph.D.