People and relationships come alive with feelings. We teach therapists how to reawaken the dormant parts of the emotional self and offer a comprehensive approach for a spectrum of psychoneurosis




•  Individual and group supervision

•  Susan's article, "Creating Closeness at Distance" in

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Our mission is to inspire therapists personally and professionally. We impart new skills and ways to attend to ourselves so we can feel more grounded and confident while we practice. DEFT trainings, webinars and special events utilize a

mix of lecture, PPT, live session recordings, dynamic discussion, supervision and one-on-one guided role-play with script provided. All participation is optional.

Our mission is to offer the highest quality training experience within a nurturing community.:

          We advance no-shame learning and no-shame practicing.

          We share powerful principles to reach affect and re-process trauma.

          We guide therapists to direct compassion toward themselves and to transfer compassion to our clients.

          We teach specific skills that are attachment-oriented, somatic focused, and psychodynamic.

Many clients express in recorded sessions that Susan Warshow’s focused, goal oriented, actively engaged, and deeply empathic approach is profoundly transformational.

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A Therapist's Handbook to Dissolve Shame & Defense:

Master the Moment.

Both therapeutic partners are likely to face shame within themselves on their joint journey. This program takes a closer look at those moments when shame can cause either the client or therapist to avoid the risks necessary to spark change. Learn specific shame-sensitive interventions when addressing common self-protective strategies that block emotional intimacy.


Order Susan's New Book:

A Therapist's Handbook to Dissolve Shame and Defense

Master the Moment

"Clear, concise writing and illuminating transcripts sharpen therealization of practical principles. The author is an expert who will enliven the development of your expertise."

-- Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

"Like a wise mentor, Susan Warren Warshow senses the challenges you will face and steps in with sage advice."

-- Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., Director, International Center for Clinical Excellence

An inspiring book to read, to reflect on, and to savor the warmth and wisdom emanating from each page."

--Stella Resnick, Ph.D.

"Clinical brilliance at its best. This book can be read over and over by both novice and seasoned professional alike, each time finding more value, and adding to ones ability to effectively master the clinical moment with skill, kindness, and warmth."

--Karin S. Hart, Psy.D.

4 Module Series (8 hours of material)

$289 (or $329 with 8 CE)

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Dissolve Shame to Bypass Treatment Barriers

Shame expert, Susan Warren Warshow, creator of Dynamic Emotion Focused Therapy (DEFT), presents a video analysis of a treatment with a depressed man over a 9-month period. This is a recording of a 4-part webinar series and includes lecture, SESSION RECORDINGS & ANALYSIS, and Q&A with webinar participants.


Choose full (20 mins) or abbreviated (5mins) version below.

6 Hours Video Analysis and Q&A

CE included.


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Essential Therapy Training

Surmount Shame and Disarm Defense with DEFT

When a client feels hopeless, it can be contagious. Susan Warren Warshow will introduce a three-step, robust framework, The Healing Triad, to orient therapists to intervene effectively when the winds of resistance, forces of shame and anxiety arise.

At the heart of DEFT is the intuitive creation of an authentic, compassionate emotionally intimate attachment relationship. This presentation will illustrate and reflect upon the elements that create profound interpersonal connection.

The presenter will focus on shame as the gatekeeper in psychotherapy. Creating safety is paramount to therapeutic movement, which often involves the use of shame-sensitive language, timely and accurate attunement (verbal and non-verbal), and the therapist’s ability to generate self-compassion.

She will introduce the “therapeutic transfer of compassion for self” as a key element to awaken the will to access feelings. Clients often resist absorbing the therapist’s compassion and therapists may become frustrated, making it harder to tap into their own compassion. Recommendations to overcome these obstacles will be discussed.